Adam Barker-Mill

Light Line / Brick Slot
Adam Barker-Mill
Light Line, 1993
reinforced concrete, internal surfaces painted white, subsequently painted yellow
488 x 91 x 244 cm

... Light Line (1993), for example, stands in the artist’s garden in Hampshire. The structure is simply cast in concrete and has a ‘V’ shaped plan. It is oriented north-south with the two walls of the structure converging at the northern-most extremity at an angle of 15 degrees. For twenty minutes or so at noon on sunny days the sun shines directly into the piece and is ‘focused’ by the two interior faces of the walls to form a single vertical line of surprisingly bright light at the vertex. The light source is distant, natural and effectively eternal, but its intensity is a result of the orientation, design and construction of the object itself and the fact that it is painted brilliant white.

Adam Barker-Mill
Brick Slot, 1991
Beaulieu bricks, internal surfaces painted white
370 x 40 x 150 cm

... A second work, Brick Slot (1991), stands close to LightLine in the same garden and also has a light-enhancing slot directed at the midday sun, although in this case the sloth as parallel faces. The sun also shines directly into Brick Slot,but the design of the work renders the event brief and quickly disrupted by the shadows cast by the work’s own walls.

Extract from an essay by Owen Griffith with editing by Rozemin Keshvani